Why should you use ASOGrow to boost your advertising?

we are here to help your apps Expand natural Downloads with an affordable cost.

- Advertising on our platform, your application can reach 100% real users directly without going through any 3rd party to make your application safer and more effective.

- We guarantee that all installs, ratings and reviews are from the real users and fully valid. Absolutely safe for your application.

Where is our app promoted?

Your campaign will be placed in our offerwall App, JadiDuit. Learn about or install JadiDuit App: https://jadiduit.id/

What is Keyword Search Campaign?

In Keyword Search campaign, The user will search in Google Play with that targeted keyword and find your app in the search results to install it.

So the key point of this promotion is that the target keywords can search your application.

What is app rank for keyword?

Rank shows the position of your app in the list of apps when users look for a particular keyword on Google Play or AppStore. Both Google Play and AppStore show 250 apps in the list of apps when the user looks for the keyword on the market.

What is Ratings and Reviews Campaign?

In Ratings and Reviews campaign.Users will score and comment in Google store. Good comments can attract more users for you.

Note:If user doesn\'t like your app or feel safe to keep, they might un-install and give bad review; however, only good review is counted for conversion.

How do we calculate the price

Each item is charged separately. The price of each item varies from country to country.

Install and open, search keyword, install and open, likes to review contain only one item.

The price of 'Install, open and Rate' is equal to install + rate;The price of 'Install,open,rate and Review' is equal to install + rate + review

Can I delete or pause incomplete campaign?

You may paused your incomplete campaign.

Find campaign and click "Pause"

Note: It takes few minutes for system to pause your campaign, any installation during that time will be charged until your campaign successfully ended.

Can I Change my Settings after Campaign is Created?

No, you can't edit your campaign. But you can pause your campaign and create a new one.

Why is my Campaign Paused.

1.High risk of fraud has been detected.

2. Conversion rate is too low which indicates some technical issue with your app or tracking.

When will the Downloads be Visible in the Google Play?

Please note that It can take up to 24 - 36 hours (or sometimes even more).

How to copy link to App’s review?

Copy link of application’s review is very simple:

1) Open your application in Google Play Store

2) Scroll down to find desired user review

3) Press “3-dots” button and select “Link to this review”

4) After page is refreshed, select & copy full review link from browser’s address bar to clipboard

5) Paste this link wherever you need

When do the Campaign start?

Your campaign will begin When the campaign is active and reaches the time to launch.

How can I get refund?

In order to return your money,you can contact us via email or Skype,tell us the reason for the refund.

Please note that we can refund only the funds which you have on the main balance, we do not refund the funds from the bonus balance.

What should I do if I don’t see my installs?

If you have checked the install in your Google Developer and see that not all of them are reflected, make sure that the order was completed 2-3 days ago, as this time is usually needed for the Store to reflect the installs in Statistics.

If your installs were not reflected even 2-3 days after the order was completed, don’t hesitate to contact us in any convenient for you messenger. They will explain the reason and help to solve this problem.

Can you promote paid apps?

Unfortunately, we can promote only free apps which are published on Google Play.

How to calculate the price

We charge according to different business types and regions.

Business Type Pay Service ID IN PH
Install and Open Down, Open 0.2 0.23 0.2
Install, open and rate Down, Open & Rating 0.28 0.31 0.28
Install, open, rate and Review Down, Open & Rating & Review 0.38 0.41 0.38
Likes to Review Likes to Review 0.1 0.1 0.1
Search Keyword, Install and Open Search Keyword, Install and Open 0.23 0.25 0.23

Pay Service

Each business type may contain one or more charging items, and we will charge for each

charging item.The following is the price of each pay service.

Service ID IN PH
Down, Open 0.2 0.23 0.2
Rating 0.08 0.08 0.08
Review 0.10 0.10 0.10
Likes to Review 0.10 0.10 0.10
Search Keyword, Install and Open 0.23 0.25 0.23